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Other information
Geographical Position:
The beautiful island of Cyprus emerges in the northeast edge of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest island of the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.
Total area:
The island’s total area is 9.251 square kilometres, with its maximum length being 240 kilometres and its maximum width being 100 kilometres.
Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate. The summer is hot and dry lasting from the middle of May until the middle of September, whereas the winter is mild and rainy lasting from November until the middle of March. In spring and autumn the island experiences a fine weather.
Cyprus has six districts. The division of the island into districts has been done for administrative purposes. The six districts are as follows:
  • Lefkosia (Nicosia)
  • Lemesos (Limassol)
  • Larnaca
  • Pafos
  • Ammochostos (Famagusta)
  • Keryneia
The administrative capital of each district is the metropolitan municipality bearing the name of the district.

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